April 2016


Before coming to therapy, I was unable to run more than a mile without pain.  After 5 quick sessions, my knee pain is gone and last weekend I ran 17 miles without pain! Thank you for all you do and for getting me back on the road to completing my Marathon.  I am grateful.


M. S.  


Condition treated: Knee pain. 

This patient recieved:  Fascial Counterstrain and lower extremity strengthening.

June 2016


As a patient of a double mastectomy, I highly recommend You Turn Physical Therapy. Becky is professional, understanding,compassionate and her expertise is impeccable.


P. S.  


Condition treated: Double mastectomy

This patient recieved:  Lymphedema

August 2016


I am thrilled to have been referred to Alex for my stiff neck issues due to a car accident.  He was able to gently resolve my pain in a timely manner.  I would whole heartedly recommend his therapy services to my friends and family.  Thank you!




Condition treated: Neck pain and stiffness.

This patient received: Fascial Counterstrain, manual therapy, and core strengthening.

August 2016

Physical Therapy made a huge difference in my life.  I now can mow my whole lawn without pain.  I can walk my dog without pain.  Overall my pain is pretty much gone.  I can do so much more now after completing my therapy.  


Condition treated: Neck pain and stiffness.

This patient received: Fascial Counterstrain, manual therapy, and core strengthening.

Sept 2016


I sought treatment for upper neck pain and headaches.  I tried massage and chiropractic treatments several times and still had symptoms.  I tried a new type of PT at You Turn PT that I have never heard of before.  After the first treatment I had a lot of relief from my pain.  The total number of treatments were less than expected for the quality of results I achieved.  I would recommend this Fascial Counterstrain therapy to anyone having musculoskelatal symptoms. 




Condition treated: Neck pain and headaches. 

This patient received: Fascial Counterstrain, manual therapy, and core strengthening.

Oct 2016


I was born with an unusual bone malformation in my feet requiring multiple corrective surgeries as an adult due to pain. After the last extensive surgery (straightening bones, moving tendons, bone graft)  in Seattle I found my right leg mobility had not improved much due to persistent tendon pain. The pain was frightening as I worried that activity might cause permanent damage. I ended up becoming deconditioned and gained weight to the point I was at risk of developing type II Diabetes. I went to several other PT’s and even trialed different orthotics for my shoes to no avail. I decided to try physical therapy one last time with You Turn Physical Therapy but was not very optimistic. I am so glad to have discovered Alex! He has expertise in different techniques which no one else had tried—and they worked! Not only did the techniques work but they were painless.  I am thrilled to be pain free. In fact, after years of struggle I was able to join a local gym this past summer and have lost 13 pounds. I am on my way towards my goal of walking Bloomsday again next year. I have not been able to participate in Bloomsday for about eight years. I cannot express how thankful I am to have worked with Alex. This is the most mobile I have been since before all my foot surgeries!  




Condition treated: Foot and Ankle

This patient received: Fascial Counterstrain and manual therapy

August 2017


I really appreciated Becky's encouragement and approach to physical therapy.  She showed me exercises and massage techniques that helped me recover in a positive and healthy way.  I feel that my journey in recovering from a double mastectomy and reconstruction went more smoothly because of her help and positive encouragement.   All along the the way I felt hopeful and could see the difference in my physical appearance and strength.  I am so thankful for Becky and know that she made a huge difference for my life.   I am glad my doctor recommended her .  





Condition treated: Double Mastectomy.

This patient received: lymphatic massage and exercises.  

February 2018



Alex's approach to physical therapy changed my life.  I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for over 30 years.  I would get temporary relief from other types of treatment but eventually, the pain would always return.  In August of 2017, I was referred to You Turn Physical Therapy by a friend of mine.  This simple method of therapy was very easy and very effective.  It has been six months now and I am still pain-free and able to do the things I was not able to do before.  I would recommend anyone to give it a try.  It could change your life too!


"It should be noted that J.B. only had 6 total sessions to achieve these results"







Condition treated: Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain.

This patient received: Fascial Counterstrain, Core First Standing Posture Instruction, and core strengthening.    


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