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Free Consultation

We are pleased to offer you an opportunity to undergo a brief consultation to explore how Fascial Counterstrain may be a viable treatment option for your condition.  


The purpose of today’s visit is informative only.   It is an opportunity for you discuss your condition with a Board Certified Strain Counterstrain practitioner and ask questions that pertain specifically to Strain Counterstrain and Fascial Counterstrain as a potential form of treatment. 


Here’s what to expect:

  • There is no charge for today’s consultation

  • This is not to be considered a thorough examination

  • No treatment will be rendered today

  • There is no obligation to begin care, nor will you be given a diagnosis or treatment plan for your condition

  • In the field of "Describing your pain", let us know where you are having pain or what issues you have.

  • In the field of " History of your pain", give as much detail about what happened and the different treatments that you have already attempted. 

  • After taking a brief history, the Physical Therapist may perform a brief, hands-on evaluation to determine if Fascial Counterstrain may be right for you.

  • We cannot make treatment recommendations for your condition other than discussing the appropriateness of Fascial Counterstrain or other forms of Physical Therapy


Fill out the Free Consultation Form at the right to get started!










Message received. We will contact you at our earliest convience. We look forward to helping you.

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