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Fascial Counterstrain

You Turn Physical Therapy is a Board Certified Clinic specializing in Fascial Counterstrain.  This technique is a gentle, hands-on approach to addressing tension in the fascia throughout each system of the body.  The fascia is a thin membrane that overlies every single structure in your body including the nerves, arteries, veins, organs, bones, muscles and ligaments (similar to the membranes surrounding each segment of an orange). It provides support as well as protecting the body from catastrophic injury as a result of overstretching of the tissue.  During your initial evaluation a physical therapist will do a complete assessment and determine the underlying root cause of your pain and limitations.  It is our belief that physical therapy should not have to hurt in order to work and that it should be quick, effective and long lasting.  For more information about Fascial Counterstrain click the links to Brian Tuckey’s website, the developer of Fascial Counterstrain.

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